Behavioral therapies options for ADHD

ADHD treatment through behaviour analysis

ADHD in children is a condition for which you don’t necessarily need prescribed medication. Behavioral therapy is just one of the non-drug treatments that you can use to combat the symptoms of hyperactivity and attention deficit. This approach does not cure the disorder, but it helps your kids learn and master a set of skills they can use to control it.

Doctors agree that behavioral therapies are part of everyday common-sense parenting. The goal is to change the child’s approach to adverse situations and the gradual loss of habits that exacerbate his condition. Here are some of the most viable non-medication options for ADHD that you can safely try with your child:

Keep everything clear

It is crucial to remember that behavioral therapy for ADHD does not imply the presence of an actual therapist or a daily treatment. It all depends on your patience and determination to make it easier for your child to control the disorder.

Hyperactivity makes organizing and focusing extremely difficult. You can support your kid’s efforts by making lists of attainable and imminent goals. If you present them the future as a series of small but passable obstacles, they will gain confidence in their abilities and obtain a more precise image of their tasks.

Create daily schedules

If you want to boost the positive effects of daily micro-management, you can do so by giving your child Synaptol. This homeopathic treatment for inattention and forgetfulness improves focus and gets rid of impulsiveness. It is an entirely organic remedy that has been clinically tested and proven to work with no side effects.

A study from the Harvard Medical School has discussed the possibility of treating ADHD and other disorders with metacognitive therapy. This type of approach implies long-term planning while micro-managing every day at a time. You can try this treatment with your kid by helping them create a daily schedule that enables them to improve organization skills, planning, and time management.

Set up a reward system

ADD reward system for kids

A kid with ADHD may seem like chaotic and restless from afar. However, if you manage to control his impulsivity and forgetfulness accurately, these symptoms will scarcely affect their behavior. A reliable therapy for this disorder implies the creation of a reward system. You do not have to set up big prizes and difficult contests, but rather a guideline of everyday performance.

If your child has trouble focusing on their homework, reassure them that once they finish preparing it, they can engage in one of their favorite activities. The same approach goes for moments of intense restlessness. It is crucial that you make the rewards obtainable as soon as they complete their tasks. Promising a new bike for Christmas in exchange for the science projects that they have to compile in April is not a viable behavioral therapy.

Use patience and low expectations

Last, but not least, if you have decided to use behavioral therapies for your kid with ADHD, you will need to arm yourself with plenty of patience. This approach to mental disorders takes time, and it does not always produce the anticipated results. Your best choice is to have low expectations and a long-term personal goal for your efforts.