How grammar can help you look good in front of your friends

Spell impress friends

There are many ways to impress your new friends or your old acquaintances with your brilliant mind. However, nothing proves your distinguishing mental abilities more than the proper use of grammar. Nowadays, popular culture and social media have derailed the traditional standards of the English language in both spoken and written forms. Grammatical mistakes that would have been severely mocked only two decades ago are now perfectly acceptable in various means of communication. Still, you can separate yourself from this trend and maintain your linguistic principles intact with a few simple tips.

Spell and write clearly

One of the main instances of being lost in translation is when a person uses a word with a statutory meaning to refer to something completely different. The most common examples are the confusion between “its” and “it’s”; “they’re” and “their” or between “your” and “you’re.” These are capital rules that many people get wrong. Such a mistake may have your friends wondering if you have ever been in a school or a library.

Apply essential grammar rules

The best way to improve your speech and your writing skills is to practice proper grammar on a constant basis. This way, you will avoid saying things like “You and me were meant for each other,” instead of “You and I…” or confusing “affect” for “effect” and “flours” for “flowers” etc.

How to “literally” impress your friends

“Literally” is an adverb that has become an annoying presence in many people’s styles of communication. At its basic meaning, this word describes an accurate trait, action or outcome. Its use in any other instance than a realistic event is purely absurd. For example, if somebody says: “I literally died when I heard the news,” that person would make a paradox statement, as he or she would have been already breathless before even telling their story. A complete renunciation of this word will add realism and credibility to your speech and make you look better in front of your friends.